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Life Changing.

Myron Dyal's 12 minute film - Charon.











Password charon

Reality unravels as an artist with epilepsy recalls his life. A 12-minute live action/animation hybrid documentary.

*CW abuse, drug use, depression

Written & Directed by Cullen Parr 
Produced by Ryan Rambach, Cullen Parr & Evan Salce
Executive Producer: Ondi Timoner
Cinematography by Brent Daniel Mata, Ran Zhang, & Chad Corhan
Edited by Ryan Rambach & Cullen Parr
Animation & vfx by Cullen Parr
Original Score by Brooks Ball

Best Documentary Short / St Louis International Film Festival 2019
Best Documentary Short / Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2019
World Premiere / Mill Valley Film Festival 2019
Audience Award / Wolf Tree Film Festival 2020
Official Selection / Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2019
Official Selection / DC Independent Film Festival 2020
Official Selection / Annapolis Film Festival 2020
Official Selection / American Documentary and Animation Festival 2020

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